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Trending Analysis

In security analytics, Big Data is not the answer but it is definitely part of the solution.

Complete context is the rest of the solution and it is drawn from tracking and using threat collateral information about employees, customers, suppliers, operations, assets, software and hardware and then viewing all of that through the lens of a specific organization and its key business areas in order to get useful, contextualized and actionable information.

The Web is rich with signals of data breaches, information about newly vulnerable targets, and evidence of pre-planned attacks, but it’s nearly impossible to organize all of this threat intelligence with manual or ad-hoc systems. Securli’s Analytics platform enables our customers to collect, organize, and analyze this information quickly.

When it comes to presenting cybercrime through the lens of big data, Securli® Analytics was created on that foundation of “complete context” to create actionable risk intelligence upon which analysts can quickly respond without being bogged down by reams of false-positives and “interesting” events that lead to dead ends. In a world of limited trained and skilled resources, it is essential that behavioral analytics engines are able to correlate contextual information and parse through the millions of daily security events to present normalized information that identify only the critical threats that are truly targeting your valuable assets.

In addition to contextualizing specific threat data for our clients, Securli® Analytics can answer questions like what are the top practices associated with fraud in financials, what effects are trending upwards in healthcare, which type of organizations are being targeted in entertainment, what threats are similar companies in our industry segment facing? We collect and analyze billions of risk transactions weekly and parse them into normalized data sets for consumption by industry segment so that we can tell you with certainty at any given time, the likelihood of a specific threat profile appearing on your sector horizon.

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