Facebook Data Leak For Non-Techies

Stanley Li - CEO and Founder of Securli and Netswitch

Securli is here to help you find out how much of your personal data has been again leaked by Facebook's irresponsible handling of sensitive data.  Securli has collected and aggregated the entire leaked Facebook database to make it easier for you to find out if you are at risk.


If you are concerned about why Securli has done this, then that is the correct mentality to have towards cybersecurity.


The reason Securli is doing this is to increase public awareness of the risk to your data and to add our voice to pressure corporations to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and DO MORE to protect our personal data.  They should treat your personal data as they would treat their own information and they should not manipulate us for enormouse profit while neglecting their duties.


Securli provides cybersecurity solutions to companies, we do not benefit from offering help to consumers, but we see this service as our social responsibility to,


  1. increase users’ personal awareness,

  2. advocate for strong penalties against companies that fail users, and

  3. fight cyber criminals.

3 Free Recommendations for Consumer



 My Data, My Choice!  Whenever given the choice to opt-in or opt-out – always choose OPT-OUT.  You should also always have the right to ask the company to delete your data when you uninstall or close your profile.


 Voice Out

Voice your opinion to your government representatives that you have had enough of this abuse by enterprises to recklessly handling of our digital assets for their own profits.   Tell them you want them to enact stronger regulations and punitive penalties against careless corporations.  We can no longer accept the excuse from these lazy companies who always, claim "for consumer's convenience.”  But again, and again, it is you the consumer who is left to deal with the SPAM, cyberbullies, loss of identity, cyber crimes, and what have government agencies or legislators done to fix it?


Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA)

Some are free and easy to deploy across different device platforms - mobile, PC, & tablet.  We select solutions that do not have a conflict of interest with you by selling your personal data to a marketing company.  


When an app is offered to you for free; you must consider “why?” and “what is the motive?” by offering something you value for "free." Consider how important that app is to you and will you use it.   If you do decide to install that free app, it is highly recommended to provide extra protection of MFA for your personal data and all your social networking digital assets.

In my 28 years working in this industry from Silicon Valley to the Asia Pacific, the company's business model of grabbing any data and making profits from personal data has gotten worse.  They disregard the people’s privacy rights, investing a limited amount of effort to protect the personal data and its supply chain, but making billions of dollars in profit with an abusive business attitude.   


One most effective way to "Speak Out" is to cancel your account, request deletion of your profile and personal data, and STOP feeding those companies with your personal data until they proved they had taken their responsibilities seriously to protect your privacy and personal data. 

- Stanley Li – CEO, Securli Limited

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