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Integrated Prevention & DNS Firewall (IPDF) Free Trial

IPDF has two functions, automates the blocking against malicious attacks before they reach the firewall, and the DNS Firewall is simply blocking the malicious IP addresses, domains, and URLs used for communication to the attackers.  It works with over 90% of today’s firewall brands, and strengthen firewalls with our comprehensive and authoritative database, which has over 7 TB from 900+ threat feeds. 


IPDF’s objective is to stop the Command & Control communication (C2) process between the hacker and your network to prevent attacks, such as DDoS, ransomware, and phishing.  This automation solution will drastically reduce the manual method to create rules in the firewall to block malicious attacks.  So it can beat the attacker’s automation attacks from your organization from outside of the firewall and our DNS firewall will filter the C2 communication to stop the malicious commands from the attackers.  


In this free trial, Securli invites you to test our authoritative database by merely redirecting your DNS queries to our Cloud version DNS Firewall.  Please feel free to activate your entire organization’s DNS queries to our DNS Firewall for the next 30 days. 


To tap into IPDF’s full potentials, please contact our sales team,, so we can provide you with additional instruction to strengthen your existing firewall to block the inbound attacks.  

Limited Time Offer

Start your Free Trial

Follow the 3 steps process to test our advance IPDF – DNS Firewall function in less than 5 minutes.

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