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We have developed a self-assessment tool that’s designed to help your company gauge the impact and effectiveness of your cybersecurity risk management initiatives.

Known as the Information Security and Risk Outlook evaluation (ISRO), the self-assessment tool is intended to help identify cybersecurity-related activities that are critical to business strategy and the delivery of critical services; prioritize investments in managing cybersecurity risk; assess the effectiveness and efficiency in using cybersecurity standards, guidelines and practices; evaluate their cybersecurity results; and identify priorities for improvement.

The tool was developed with input from our strategic advisory board and is based on the U.S. Commerce Department’s NIST Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and the risk management mechanisms of NIST’s cybersecurity framework. Our board consists of 20 of the top CISO’s in the cyber-security field representing years of real-world cyber-security experience from a dozen industry sectors. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, like the cybersecurity framework, is designed to help organizations worldwide guide their operations, improve performance and achieve sustainable results.

The completed evaluation can lead to an action plan for upgrading cybersecurity practices and management and implementing those improvements. Taken periodically, it also can measure the progress and effectiveness of the process.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability and submit the completed form to us via the link below. You will receive a copy of your evaluation along with an overall ISRO score and a complete set of recommendations for upgraded practices that can be turned into an action plan for your organization.

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