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Over 90% of successful Advanced Persistent Threats are the result of an e-mail phishing attack. These serious attacks are far worse than viruses and worms which require only minor attendance and grounds-keeping. Advanced Persistent Threats result in significant financial and operational impact and can cause serious and long-term damage to a company.

Up until now, there was very little a company could do to avoid phishing attacks other than to constantly warn their employees to be vigilant about incoming e-mail.

But now there is an alternative. Securli is introducing a new component of their award-winning Securli® Threat Defense Platform called VeriPhi™ which is an automated e-mail protection technology that uses advanced IP and Domain analytics to uncover phishing attempts and block them before they become a breach.

VeriPhi™ uses patented proprietary algorithms to examine both content and context of each inbound and outbound domain and IP address along with over 78 commercial, crowd-sourced, governmental and open-source intelligence feeds to isolate, block and manage malicious code attempting to enter your network or communicate back to their C&C.

In addition, we support a variety of user-defined policies and managed lists enabling whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting dispositions of malicious code to a managed walled garden website for further forensic analysis.

The VeriPhi™ engine uses advanced machine learning methods and is able to increase its efficacy in correlation with the volume of traffic it analyzes over time. With VeriPhi™, you can relax knowing that your company is protected from malicious phishing attacks without relying solely on your employees’ vigilance and security awareness.

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