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Supply Chain Attacks Will Devastate Small Businesses

"Status-Quo" Mentalities Assist in Creating Eye-Opening Breach Points.

“Cybersecurity is an IT thing.”

“I don’t have the budget for high end cybersecurity.”

“Why spend the money when I am not a target?.”

“Cybersecurity is so confusing!”

“Regulations for Supply Chain providers apply only to the big enterprises.”

"Status-Quo" Mentalities Assist in Creating Eye-Opening Breach Points.

Yes, We Have Heard It All.

Let’s rethink this: What is the first thing you reach for before you leave your home or office? Yes, your cell phone. Your cell phone is a computer and most of your digital assets are connected to this device. This is why cell phones are the number-one growing target for cyber-criminals – cybercriminals who love your above-stated procrastinations and opinions because that means complacency on your part and an open door and “c’mon in!” sign for them.

The truth is that as a small or medium-sized business you do have to be compliant with industry regulations, you are a target for cybercriminals, and cybersecurity is not just for the IT professional and does not have to be confusing, cost-consuming, or a waste of your time and resources. Imagine being able to guarantee your company’s cyber health and well being so you can maintain focus on what really matters to you – your customers.

In today’s business world the term “cybersecurity” has come to be synonymous with “complexity and confusion”, and often the individual who is the decision-maker on what (if any) cybersecurity system will be used in a company does not have the technical vocabulary to fully understand what it is they are looking to purchase and employ. On the flipside of that, often if there is a dedicated IT person in a small or medium-sized business, that individual is not incentivized to increase cyber resilience. If you combine these two things with the high financial and personal rewards for cybercriminals, it is not surprising that the risk is immense for small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources in IT, cybersecurity, and governance.

Yes, managing company risk is more than these three items, but these are the easy targets for cybercriminals.

As a small or medium-sized company’s decision-maker, how are you going to address these issues and protect you and your business from this status-quo thinking? And, more importantly, how are you going to avoid cyber attacks and regulatory penalties, and continue to sell while meeting supply chain requirements without breaking the bank? In every case, you need data to make hard choices. The absence of it makes effective management impossible and increases risk. Let’s start with three simple DIY steps:




How much effort are you willing to make as a business leader? Commit now to protect your business and clients from hackers and to become fully industry-compliant. Commitment is free, but it takes effort and an open-mind to change the status-quo mentality.

Learn the unknowns by conducting a Baseline Assessment. You will get

an estimated plan and better understanding of how these cyberattacks can become devastating to your income and reputation.

Visit our breach calculator:

and our breach assessment:

Our calculators will show you what you can lose, how you can lose it, and the priority in which you should address these weaknesses. By going through these questions and answers now, you, as decision-maker, are already benefiting by increasing your awareness about your vulnerabilities.

Finally, execute - with low cost or free solutions to take baby steps to cure the symptoms and increase your company’s cybersecurity posture. Connect with us

for our technical evaluation of your IT infrastructure. We have been trusted by small, medium-sized, as well as global organizations for over twenty years, and can help your business to mitigate those risks so your business can continue to thrive!


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