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Securli's rapid vulnerability assessments focus on examining the security posture of a company’s attack surfaces to ensure that the perimeter is properly defended and that the network is secure and free from malicious infection.

The result is a quick score-card reflecting the current state of your security preparedness, operational protections, gaps in coverage and patch currency, as well as an identification of risk exposure and an overall vulnerability rating. In addition, we provide recommendations for corrections and specific actions you should take to improve your security profile.


Our targeted penetration testing tries to breach your critical systems in the same way a hacker would by exploiting discovered vulnerabilities. Our white hats use proprietary hacking techniques and some of the same tools available to black hat attackers to simulate a typical attack. 

We determine and document your vulnerability to a successful data breach, identify the information assets that are at particular risk, and provide recommendations on how to improve your asset protection defenses.


Social engineering attacks are on the rise and are often the foundation for APTs gaining access to your environment through phishing, USB drops, and email spoofs. Our social engineering evaluations test your employees’ security awareness and behavior while identifying opportunities for training and further testing.

Our training is based on actual attack methods used by malicious hackers and uses pre-built, or customizable templates based on current awareness and susceptibility. Our templates are continuously updated by content and research teams to reflect the latest industry trends along with anecdotal customer observations with input from security experts to assure continual awareness and reduced exposure to socially engineered attacks.


Web applications are easy targets for hackers and are responsible, along with insider attacks for the largest number of security breaches caused by targeted attacks. Securli provides cloud-based web application security scanning that will rapidly assess thousands of application vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your security.

Our web application assessments provide the full spectrum of vulnerability enumeration including web server vulnerabilities, both known and unknown web application vulnerabilities and even configuration auditing of your web application platform. This assures that you have a complete and accurate assessment of your vulnerabilities along with the confidence that as a PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) solution, our recommendations are in complete compliance with regulatory requirements.

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